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Client Testimony:
“Anthony Ingrassia, in the most stressful of situations, has always remained calm, cool and collected. He is a rock and a true gentleman in both his business dealings and personal associations.”
- Mike Hoffman, Owner, Dean Equipment and Furniture Company

Anthony W. Ingrassia
Current President of this third generation company, Anthony has been involved in the business since he was 15 years old. Working through every aspect of the company, from laborer and carpenter’s apprentice to involvement in all executive aspects of the organization, Anthony assumed the position of President in 2006.

With of Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction from the University of Florida and two decades of hands on experience, Anthony is well grounded in all that is required to continue the leadership role and the expansion of Ingrassia Construction Company.

Statement from the President:

It is a great honor to continue Ingrassia Construction’s tradition of quality building and forward thinking. My grandfather entered the industry as a carpenter tradesman. He studied Architecture and from his personal vision was able to establish a construction company that provided exceptional value for retail and manufacturing clients in northern New Jersey.

My father redirected the company to the growing needs of public institutional construction, following his vision to serve the public good. Under his leadership our company expanded to include schools, hospitals and a variety of municipal, county, state, and federal facilities.

As a third generation leader of Ingrassia Construction, my commitment is to continue the quality work in the public sector as well as to expand significantly into the private sector. By maintaining existing relationships and establishing new ones, we are able to fulfill the needs of any Owner, no matter how complex or diverse the project.

It is my further commitment to make optimal use of technology to improve all facets of our business, making us a leader in our industry.

Excerpts from our Corporate Vision Statement:

We will be recognized for the professionalism and quality of our services. Our success is based on our adherence to the belief and practice of the “Golden Rule”. Treating others with respect, dignity and honesty is a Core Value of our company.

We are looked to as an industry leader and model for improving the way the construction business is performed. This incorporates optimal use of the technological advances for enhancing communication, coordination, and management in all aspects of our business.

Our goal has always been to deliver efficient, cost effective, and high quality construction. We accomplish this through empowering our Team, by constantly seeking to improve our knowledge base and experience, and by expanding our thinking and resources as the world economy, community and technology evolve.

Our culture is philanthropic and based in community. This serves to continue the Ingrassia Construction legacy of excellence and betterment of the world around us.
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